Industrial Furnaces and Ovens, just the best.

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Industrial Furnaces and Ovens

Straight Line Chimney

Patricia Piedalue Feb 02, 2019

When the thermostat sends its signal to the furnace, the furnace gas valve opens and ignites the burner component beneath the combustion chamber. The gas valve works with the thermostat...


Industrial Furnaces and Ovens

Resistance Furnaces

Gilles Langlois Feb 02, 2019

In order to maintain an efficient furnace, annual professional maintenance is not a suggestion—it's a requirement. AFUE will decline over the years due to ductwork leaks and inefficiencies, dirty furnace...

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Industrial Furnaces and Ovens

Heat Treatment Furnaces

Capucine Aucoin Feb 02, 2019

If your gas valve is working fine, but the furnace isn't turning on, check to make sure your pilot light is on. For instructions on relighting the pilot light, refer...

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Industrial Furnaces and Ovens

Pellet Burner

Henry Grandbois Feb 02, 2019

A combination of insulation improvements, air sealing, and winterization projects will help ensure your heating system is efficient and long-lasting. The worse your home's insulation, the harder your heating and...


Industrial Furnaces and Ovens

Kitchen Chimney

Moore Beauchesne Feb 02, 2019

Older, low-efficiency furnaces have an AFUE rating between 50% and 70%. Mid-range efficiency furnaces around 80% to 85%, while high-efficiency furnaces have AFUE rating above 90%, sometimes as high as...

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Industrial Furnaces and Ovens

Burner Block

Nicolas Laberge Feb 02, 2019

Seal your duct connections with mastic sealant or aluminum foil tape. For better, more comprehensive duct sealing solutions such as PureFlow™, contact Service Champions....


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Steel Forge Furnace

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High Efficiency Gas Furnace
Induction Furnace Design

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